The Old Brenner Pass road

Your holiday on the old Brenner Pass road - in Hotel Schuster.

The Brenner Pass was has always been one of the most important crossings on the main chain of the Alps. Since antiquity travellers have used this, the lowest mountain pass in the eastern Alps as a connection between north and south.
Over the centuries countless writers and artists have also passed through this area, including Goethe, Ibsen .... 

"[...] The countryside here on the border of Italy is wonderfully beautiful, and the climate is the most pleasant imaginable [...]"
(Henrik Ibsen, 1876)

The project "The Old Brenner Pass Road" was launched jointly by the communities on either side of the Brenner to bring travellers on this age-old Alpine crossing closer to this road of meeting and culture. Discover for yourself the unique area where since time immemorial peoples and cultures have met.

The Hotel Schuster has decided to spotlight "art and literature around the Brenner Pass." Each year events are organized on the subject. We are in the process of building a small collection of works and texts about the Brenner Pass at which our guests are very welcome to browse. 
"[...] climbing up from Innsbruck the landscape gets more and more beautiful, no description helps [...] The map shows that one is on the side of the large Brenner, from which point waters flow in all directions [...] "
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1786)

The project "The old road over the Brenner" opened on the day of European cooperation, the 21.09.2013.

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