Meditation vacation and relaxation in South Tyrol

Ancient mountains, which stand in their quiet grandeur, clear air, bright, soft light... Meditation is happening naturally in a holiday village such as the climatic health resort of Gossensass.

Whether in winter or summer it is a delight for the body and the soul to be cleansed and nourished by the pervading silence of the mountains. Meditation and vacation in the mountains - this is one of the highlights! After skiing, hiking, cycling or climbing in nature it is easy to be in meditation. The revealed grandeur of the mountains extends naturally internally. Perhaps your interest is in a silent meditation, or for example a journey with singing bowls? Or would you prefer an ecstatic dance meditation....?

We at the hotel Schuster, try to use the freely available support of nature in the meditation and relaxation holiday and offer easy to learn simple meditation techniques. If desired, the meditation techniques are guided by experienced meditation leaders.

Some examples of meditation techniques in the holiday:

  • Shaking Meditation
  • Dance Meditation
  • Balancing Meditation
  • Gibberish Meditation
  • Humming Meditation
  • And of course, there is also silent sitting and watching the breath…

Please contact us if you want to know more about meditation on the holiday. We can advise you.