Skiing in Ladurns

Skiing & snowboarding

The best way to experience snow-covered slopes
There are three ski resorts close to the hotel where you can test your skills on the slopes: the snowy Ladurns, whose delightful pistes with beautiful views of the Tribulaun peaks are covered in snow until March. Then there is the sunny Rosskopf with its new downhill run and Ratschings, which is the largest of the three and always a great place for a little detour.


…until the runners are red-hot
The options for capturing a Kodak moment are endless: rustic mountain huts, snowy pastures and verdant forests, just to name a few. We have more than 7 groomed sledging trails up to 10 km long, and some of them are accessible by cable car. We provide our guests with a sledge and useful tips – free of charge, of course.
Ski mountaineering

Ski tours in the Brenner Alps

Would you like to see lots of snow? Here’s an insider tip…
Both sides of the Brenner Pass provide wonderful opportunities for ski tours. Our hotel is close to the former ski resorts Hühnerspiel, Zirog and Sattelberg, which offer low-risk options as well as snow-covered mountain peaks. Our family loves planning ski tours, and we would be more than happy to help you plan yours.

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